1 2 3 4 5 the queen reads my blog, "My friends are caught in the willow tree," cried...

"My friends are caught in the willow tree," cried Frodo breathlessly. 

"Master Merry’s being squeezed in a crack!" cried Sam.

"What?" shouted Tom Bombadil, leaping up in the air. "Old Man Willow? Naught worse than that, eh? That can soon be mended. I know the tune for him. Old grey Willow-man! I’ll freeze his marrow cold, if he don’t behave himself. I’ll sing his roots off. I’ll sing a wind up and blow leaf and branch away. Old Man Willow!"

Setting down his lilies carefully on the grass, he ran to the tree. There he saw Merry’s feet sticking out-the rest had already been drawn further inside. Tom put his mouth to the crack and began singing into it in a low voice. They could not catch the words, but evidently Merry was aroused. His legs began to kick. Tom sprang away, and breaking off a hanging branch smote the side of the willow with it. “You let them out again, Old Man Willow!” he said. “What be you a-thinking of? You should not be waking. Eat earth! Dig deep! Drink water! Go to sleep! Bombadil is talking!” He then seized Merry’s feet and drew him out of the suddenly widening crack.

"The Old Forest" - The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring - J. R. R. Tolkien

Illustration by Greg and Tim Hilderbrandt 

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    One of many scenes that never made it to the movie. i.e. Merry and Pippin are almost eaten by a tree before they even...
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    Tom Bombadil saves the day, once again.
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    Tom Bombadil is my favorite.
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